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The swahili word ’Uzalendo’ means ’Patriotism’ in English. Patriotism generally means love for one’s country. However without the basic conditions of life such as food, healthcare, education, water and concern for persons living with disability, uzalendo loses its meaning as citizens feel disenfrachised. This is why this project hopes to promote a sense of ’Uzalendo’ by awakening the marginalized communities to ask for their fair share of service delivery. To be included in the national cake. To become ’wazalendo.’


About Uzalendo Project

The Uzalendo Project’s mission is to leverage the inclusion of traditionally poor and sidelined voices in governance and service delivery processes in their communities; specifically persons with disability, women and youth in order to influence and secure positive outcomes as far as enjoyment of their basic rights accorded under the Kenyan Constitution’s Article 43.

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