About us

A great majority of poor and marginalized Kenyans are excluded from the processes of public participation, accountability and gender inclusion during service delivery, this happens especially to groups experiencing dual marginalization i.e. those with severe socio-economic vulnerabilities including persons with disabilities, young women, the youth and the elderly. Most of these communities are found in informal settlements, peri-urban and remote rural areas where they experience human rights violations almost on a daily basis.

The Uzalendo Project is a partnership of 2 civil society organizations, namely Forum 43 Kenya and Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY). The Uzalendo Project’s mission is to leverage the inclusion of traditionally poor and sidelined voices in governance and service delivery processes in their communities; specifically persons with disability, women and youth in order to influence and secure positive outcomes as far as enjoyment of their basic rights accorded under the Kenyan Constitution’s Article 43.